Empower Yourself and Start Making Better Life Decisions

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What is Life Coaching?

The basics of Life Coaching are this: individuals can empower themselves when they take responsibility for their life choices and experiences.

The success of coaching depends on the willingness and commitment of the client to take on the changes they want. The coach listens for the issues that interfere with the client’s goals, and then helps the client sort out self-awareness and action by bringing to the table new ways to look at life.

What we think and believe creates our reality, and how we respond to life results in our actions. In coaching, we work to highlight our thoughts with awareness and use them to make choices that align with our goals and dreams.

How is Therapy Different Than Coaching?

Most therapies focus on talking about thoughts and our feelings with the belief that, eventually, they will change us.

In coaching, that belief is turned around; we begin aligning our actions with what we say we want, we set goals to work towards, and we create action steps for follow-through. When taking action is stopped because of lies we believe, we dive deeper into the core beliefs and perceptions of the individual.

Coaching is a mixture of behavior modification (doing what you say you want) and excavating the belief system of the individual. I want to challenge your beliefs by allowing God to speak truth to the individual. When we hear the truth, mind renewal happens, and it supports the desired outcome of the client.

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Why Faith-Based Life Coaching?

My focus as a coach is on working with clients who hold a Christian worldview and view themselves as being on the Christian “faith journey.” I help people to determine spiritual development goals which are central to the Christian life and aligned with Biblical principles.

I believe the Holy Spirit is the true change agent in people's spiritual growth, changes, and maturity. Transformational shifts occur in people's beliefs, behaviors, and relationships when going through this program.