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Let Me Help You With Your Weight Loss!

Let Me Help You With Your Weight Loss!

Let Me Help You With Your Weight Loss!Let Me Help You With Your Weight Loss!Let Me Help You With Your Weight Loss!

Online Weight Loss Coaching Program


Looking to find a weight loss program you can do from the comfort of your own home?

Angie Rose Health Coaching Is Now Providing An Online Only Program!

Maybe time, travel, or schedule prohibits you from being able to work on your healthy lifestyle.  This is no longer an issue!  

Is Time and Schedule Your Biggest Hurdle ?

What if you could work on your health any time of day or night on your schedule and still have a coach on your side?  The kids go to bed and you are online anyway!  Why not start learning what you need to do to start making changes in your diet to eat healthier while you are online?  

Can't Travel To Work With Me One on One?

Working through my online program will stop that in its tracks immediately. You can do this program anywhere you are!  Use your phone, computer, iPad or tablet to watch the weekly lessons.  

Want To Take Your Time?

Absolutely not an issue!  You have lifetime access to my program within my private membership portal.  Once paid for, you will receive an email with your log in and password.  You sign in, save the link and go in as many times as you want, watch the videos as many times as you need, and go back often to polish up on anything you are forgetting.  

Scared of Changing Everything Overnight?

Don't Be! You will receive one module a week  to reduce overwhelm and information overload. I will give you tasks to work through to implement week to week.  I will not expect you to change everything overnight but I will walk you through step by step.   

Private Face Book Group

I will still come along side you on this journey by adding you to my private Face Book group.  This community will be the support you are needing to talk to others, ask questions, and share with on days that are tough.  This group is only for people who have purchased my program so these people are going through or have gone through the same process you are and will be a great support system.  

Let's Add Another Great Perk!

I will do a live video twice a month within the Face Book Group or on a live Zoom call.  I will answer questions you may have about what you are working on.  Also, I will have a topic every two weeks to talk about.  So exciting!  You will still get access to me to help coach you along in the Face Book Group.  

Save Money By Doing At Home

Cost is a one time fee of $397.  

What will you get for $397?

  • 6 Modules with 5-6 lessons a week in video format
  • Step-by-Step walk through of my Health Coaching Weight Loss Program
  • Access to my private Face Book Group called Angie Rose's Crew
  • Live Face Book and Zoom Video Calls 2x's a month with a specific topic teaching
  • Access to me to ask questions about the program and teaching content in the Face Book Group
  • Access to a community of my crew who have walked through my program
  • Life Time Access to my private membership portal with your videos and downloadable PDFs
  • Freedom to work at your pace and in your time frame
  • Healthy Lifestyle changes that are sustainable and do-able
  • Support, Encouragement and Tips to keep you motivated

What Will You Learn?

Module 1 Foundations to Weight Loss

Lessons: Healthy Weight Loss, Weighing In, What Do You Need To Get Started, Best Choices, How To Food Journal, Caloric Content vs. Nutrition, How To Weigh and Measure, Goals

Module 2 How Many Colors A Day? 

Lessons:  Food Groups, Fruits and Veggies, Healthy Snacking, Menu Planning, How To Do A Recipe In Food Journal On Both Computer And Phone App

Module 3 Fat Is Amazing

Lessons:  Why Fat Got A Bad Rap, Different Types Of Fat, Healthy Fat List, Inflammation, Portion Control

Module 4 Build That Muscle With Protein

Lessons:  Why Protein, Protein Types and Choices, How Much Protein, Water, Sleep And Weight Loss

Module 5 Carbs Are Everywhere

Lessons:  What Is A Carb, Great Grains, Sweet Vegetables, Fruit, Understanding Carbs and Counting, NO-NO Words

Module 6  Are You Ready To Move

Lessons:  Benefits Of Exercise, Are You Made To Move, Can't Out Exercise A Bad Diet, Top 10 Weight Loss Tips, Where Do I go From Here

Does This Sound Like What You Have Been Looking For?

This program is for you if you are looking to eat healthier, lose weight, find a proven program that is not a diet but a lifestyle and fits within your budget. You can get started right now by clicking the button below!  What are you waiting for?  Meet me online and lets start shedding away those old behaviors and those pounds that are holding you back from feeling and looking your best, playing with your kids and grand kids, and enjoying your life in your body.  


Let's work together! Don't waste another day thinking about it, wishing things would change or even try another diet.  Change your lifestyle today and learn to live again with a program you can use for the rest of your life.

Example Video For Your Health Coaching Online Program

What Are You Waiting For?

This is the answer you have been searching for.  Let me help you change your life starting right now.  Click on the buy now and let's get started on your first module!

Online Workout Program


Are You Looking For A Do-Able Exercise Program From Home?

I have worked with my friend Ranelle Foxhoven who is a Certified Personal Trainer to put together a workout program for you with everything you need in one place.  

Are You Afraid, Embarrassed Or Discouraged By The Thought Of Going To The Gym?

You can do these videos right from the comfort of your own home with very minimal equipment.  You will need a couple sets of dumb bells, body weight and a foam roller (optional). That is All!

Are You Looking For Something That Is For Beginners And Intermediate?

Most of the clients I work with are just starting out or have had an injury and need to be able to have modifications to work out.  This program is for you.  We will start out at a pace that you will be able to handle and watch yourself progress week to week! You get to pick the level you want to start out by picking a 6 month workout for beginners or a 3 month workout for intermediate.

Online Video Workout

This program will consist of:

  • 12 Cardio workouts which will help you to get your body moving to burn those calories
  • 12 Strength training workouts which will use a couple sets of dumb bells or cans if that is all you have and body weight to build muscle. This will help you to burn more calories through out the day and help you to shape your body
  • Warm Up and Cool Down workouts for those days where you need something a little more because you are doing Ab Day
  • 3 Ab Workouts to trim and tone those Ab Muscles 
  • Stretch and Foam Rolling Workouts to help with relaxing those muscles and keeping them at their best (You will need a foam roller for the foam rolling workout)  

Let's Talk Cost

The cost of this program is going to run you a one time fee of $57.00.  You will have lifetime access to the videos.  The best thing is, you can run this program through more than once because  you will receive a beginner calendar and an advanced calendar to follow week by week to know exactly where you are.  You will see the difference from week to week as you advance and become stronger and start losing weight.

Let's Get Started Today

Everyone needs to exercise and it is nice to have the ability to take this with you where ever you go with your phone, your laptop, and your Ipad.  


Example Of Your Cardio Videos

Here is an example of your cardio workout videos that you will receive! These will be body weight only which is enough to get you sweating and burning calories.  These will get harder the farther along in the program you go.  

Example Of Your Strength Training Videos

Your strength training video will include body weight exercises and dumbbell moves.  You can go as light or as heavy as you need to.  Remember these will get longer and harder the farther along in the program you go.  

Buy Your Workout Program Now!

I am charging only $57 for this program to help you get active and have a plan.  Exercise helps with immunity, weight control and mental health / stress.  Take advantage now!