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Let Me Help You Change Your Life For The Better Today!

Let Me Help You Change Your Life For The Better Today!

Let Me Help You Change Your Life For The Better Today!Let Me Help You Change Your Life For The Better Today!Let Me Help You Change Your Life For The Better Today!

Online Workout Program


Are You Looking For A Do-Able Exercise Program From Home?

I have worked with my friend Ranelle Foxhoven who is a Certified Personal Trainer to put together a workout program for you with everything you need in one place.  

Are You Afraid, Embarrassed Or Discouraged By The Thought Of Going To The Gym?

You can do these videos right from the comfort of your own home with very minimal equipment.  You will need a couple sets of dumb bells, body weight and a foam roller (optional). That is All!

Are You Looking For Something That Is For Beginners And Intermediate?

Most of the clients I work with are just starting out or have had an injury and need to be able to have modifications to work out.  This program is for you.  We will start out at a pace that you will be able to handle and watch yourself progress week to week! You get to pick the level you want to start out by picking a 6 month workout for beginners or a 3 month workout for intermediate.

Online Video Workout

This program will consist of:

  • 12 Cardio workouts which will help you to get your body moving to burn those calories
  • 12 Strength training workouts which will use a couple sets of dumb bells or cans if that is all you have and body weight to build muscle. This will help you to burn more calories through out the day and help you to shape your body
  • Warm Up and Cool Down workouts for those days where you need something a little more because you are doing Ab Day
  • 3 Ab Workouts to trim and tone those Ab Muscles 
  • Stretch and Foam Rolling Workouts to help with relaxing those muscles and keeping them at their best (You will need a foam roller for the foam rolling workout)  

Let's Talk Cost

The cost of this program is going to run you a one time fee of $57.00.  You will have lifetime access to the videos.  The best thing is, you can run this program through more than once because  you will receive a beginner calendar and an advanced calendar to follow week by week to know exactly where you are.  You will see the difference from week to week as you advance and become stronger and start losing weight.

Let's Get Started Today

Everyone needs to exercise and it is nice to have the ability to take this with you where ever you go with your phone, your laptop, and your Ipad.  



Online Weight Loss Program

I am currently working on an online version of my weight loss program for you to do from the comfort of your home.  Keep checking back for more information!